Here’s How Adrians Set Itself Apart With Pixelz360 Dynamic Digital Solutions


Customer Name

Adrians Metal Recyclers



Auto Wrecking, Scrap Metal Recycling


Google ads, SEO


Having been in the digital marketing industry for over a decade, we at Pixelz360 know the digital world is way more competitive than anyone would expect. And making it through all the noise in the cutthroat competition? Definitely not a piece of cake.

On a mission to reach out to more car owners in Gold Coast looking to get rid of old, junk, scrap, accident, or used cars, Adrians got in touch with us.

They needed a better digital strategy to become a more profitable and sustainable business. And we identified all the right ingredients needed for their success.

Adrian's Metal Recyclers

We Identified What Adrians Needed to Become The Ultimate Cash for Cars Gold Coast Business

Adrians had been performing well on the ground but needed a boost in the digital world. That’s where Pixelz360 took the lead.
After carefully analyzing the website statistics and performance, our team devised a fail-proof strategy to make Adrians more accessible to Gold Coast’s residents.
It was a two-pronged strategy to give the business the much needed push into the digital world: Google Ads and an effective website SEO.
We were ready to bring Adrians closer to the customers and increase the customer base of the client.

Our Game-Changing Approach

We partnered with Adrians for their company’s digital marketing and worked on the following:


Google Ads Conversion Rate

We wanted long-term success with google ads for Adrians in terms of ROI and conversion rate. So, we employed the following strategies:

  • Did retargeting and remarketing to improve CRO and keep the indecisive customers coming back to Adrian’s website.
  • We reverse-engineered the path of purchase, meaning that we considered the result that our client desired. We then chose the keywords, wrote the ad copy, and tweaked the landing page for our targeted conversion.
  • We created high converting landing pages for the client’s website to maximize traffic and clicks.
  • We made sure that the landing pages and ad copy aligned with each other for a meaningful impact.
  • We implemented best practices to get the best click through rate.
  • Our Google ad team created an organized and effective Google Ads PPC campaign.
  • We integrated a few negative keywords into our Ads campaigns to generate leads.

While working on Google ads, we used a completely customer-focused approach.



To improve Adrian’s SEO ranking, we ensured that only relevant and authoritative content was published on the website. Regularly updating the website content was one of the top strategies of our team.
We regularly audited the content and kept it updated as required. We also kept reviewing and updating the metadata for the website as needed.
Our team worked tirelessly on improving the credibility and authority of Adrian’s website by adding links relevant to the text.
Moreover, we made sure that the video and images on the website had the proper alt tags.

And We Got The Results The Client Desired…

Our team implemented the Google Ads and SEO strategies, and guess what happened?
It went even better than everyone expected.
Our Google ads strategy gave the client a 40x return, leading Adrians to expand into 3 branches over time. And the SEO approach was so effective that the client got a 50x return.
Here is what our client had to say about our services:

“I’m super pleased with how the team at Pixelz360 employed such an effective strategy for Adrian’s website. It has been my pleasure to hire them for digital marketing services. The return from their team’s campaign has been so good. Thank you so much for your impressive services!”

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