Driving Unprecedented Growth for Bondi Born through Website Optimisation

bondi born

Customer Name

Bondi Born




luxury swim and resort wear


Website Optimisation


Bondi Born, an iconic Australian swimwear brand, was seeing a decline in website visitors and conversions. Despite having a loyal local customer base and a rich history in the swimwear industry, their online presence was not reflecting their offline success. They engaged Ahsan, with a decade of content writing expertise, to transform their website content and improve user engagement.

bondi born


While the brand had strong in-store sales, its website experienced a monthly traffic of only 10,000 visitors, with a conversion rate of just 1.5%. The bounce rate was alarmingly high at 70%. The task was to craft content that would not only resonate with the Aussie audience but also enhance the user experience to drive sales.


Ahsan implemented a structured approach:


Content Audit & Localisation

Analysing the existing website content, Ahsan found it lacked the Aussie charm. He revitalised the product descriptions, blogs, and landing pages with an authentic Australian voice, weaving in cultural references and local slang to better resonate with the target audience.



Diving deep into the brand’s heritage, Ahsan incorporated the story of Bondi Born – its inception at the golden sands of Bondi Beach, its commitment to Australian craftsmanship, and its representation of the sun-soaked Aussie lifestyle.


Optimised User Journey

Collaborating with a UX team, Ahsan ensured the content structure on product pages and blogs was streamlined, guiding visitors intuitively through the site, thus reducing the bounce rate.


Engaging Visuals

High-quality images of Australian beach scenes and locals donning Bondi Born’s swimwear were integrated, reinforcing the brand’s local roots.


After implementing the changes:

  • Monthly website traffic surged to 30,000 visitors, a 200% increase
  • The conversion rate climbed to 4.5%
  • The bounce rate dropped significantly to 40%
  • The average time spent on the site increased by 60%


By capturing the true essence of Bondi Born and tailoring the content to appeal directly to the Australian audience, Pixelz360 successfully boosted the website’s performance, re-establishing the brand’s online presence and driving tangible business results.