How We Helped The Iconic Give Their Customers An Unforgettable Confidence Through Styling – From Clothing to Outdoor Experience and Everything In Between

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Customer Name

The Iconic



Fashion & Lifestyle Retailer


Critical Web Issues And Integration


There’s nothing better than when a brand inspires confidence in its fans, not just through clothing style but also by uplifting their complete lifestyle. That is what The Iconic had done for its customers in the last few years.

But here is the thing.

The Iconic wanted to go big and curate brands for a bigger audience. But their website design wasn’t attracting a wide customer base. They wanted to bring their amazing exclusives and the coolest lifestyle variety to more customers.

That’s when they came to us. And we got talking about what they wanted.

the iconic

The Big Challenge

The Iconic needed to revamp its website design to meet its goal. Inspecting their existing website, we also found critical web issues and integration problems.
We instantly realized that The Iconic needs a design and web maintenance partner to give a fresh look to their website and rectify the website issues to help bring their range to a bigger market.

Our Successful Approach That Worked Like A Charm

We did seasonal web designing for the brand and turned its strategy, concept, and brand identity into a live interactive website.

Our dedicated and professional team tested and designed every piece to drive the brand’s growth. And while designing their website, we solved the critical web issues that were affecting their website’s speed and processing by creating a logical web architecture.

The Unparalleled Outcome

We added the ‘Shop by Category’ option for customers, which proved to be a game changer for their sales. And our focus on the website’s typography, illustration, and colours started to give results pretty soon as we had expected.

Using intuitive navigation and a sleek design, now The Iconic’s website doesn’t just showcase the products but also highlights the hard work behind each product and piece.

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