How Pixelz360 Helped A Locally Owned Recycling Yard Increase Their Returns By 150x

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Let’s meet MetalBiz Recyclers, an Australian-owned metal recycling business. The company started in 2007 and specializes in recycling and processing white goods, demolition wastes, cars, and general scrap metal.

MetalBiz Recyclers have maintained consistent growth since its beginning. They contributed heavily to their surrounding, and since the start, their main focus has always been customer satisfaction.
But they needed something, a digital presence. And that’s when they reached out to us.

MetalBiz Recyclers had the right ingredient for success. But because of their weak digital presence, their service wasn’t reaching the right people. And that’s where we come in.

In 2018, we had an inquiry from the top management of MetalBiz Recyclers. Their request was simple, ‘’We never thought a business like ours could benefit from being online. But now we are in need of serious assistance. Can you help us?’’
We obviously were honored to be a part of this next phase for the company.

Metalbiz Collaboration - Pixelz360

What MetalBiz Recyclers Wanted

They wanted to position themselves as trusted metal recyclers online, which is everyone’s first choice. And as you may have guessed — increase their sales.
MetalBiz Recyclers needed a capable team to help them establish their presence on the big ol’ world wide web, and we were ready to kick off their campaign.

Our Approach


We Did The Background Work

Our first step when dealing with this company was an in-depth audit of their website and SEO – just to get the feel of what we are working with. Ultimately, we redesigned the website to represent the new era the company was entering into.
Next, we moved on to the technical aspects of the website’s SEO. We did keyword research to figure out what keywords they are ranking for, where they are close to ranking, and which keywords they are missing.
Our team looked into MetalBiz’s content and the structure of their site – and most importantly, did a competitor analysis to see what others are doing and what strategy we can use to outperform them.


Help Build Engagement

Optimizing the site wasn’t enough; we required people who needed the service to interact with the site as well. For that, we took the help of the Google result page and put people’s burning questions on our FAQ page with straightforward answers.
We also looked into questions with high search volume and targeted them by creating informational blogs about them. This provided the visitors with an in-depth knowledge of the services offered and why choosing MetalBiz Recyclers is the best choice for them.
The results – a site that was optimized for Google robots and people alike.

Got The Results MetalBiz Recyclers Wanted – As Promised

We built the website with search in mind. By laying the correct foundation for their website and initiating a baller SEO strategy, we were able to achieve a 97 SEO rating on SemRush.
Our keyword strategy got the website from the 21st position to the top 2nd position. Because we put forward quality content and improved the site’s structure, MetalBiz Recyclers ranks on top for most of the targeted keywords.

Metalbiz Collaboration - Pixelz360

Where Is MetalBiz Recyclers Today?

MetalBiz Reclers is still a Pixelz360 client. Today, their online and offline presence is stronger than ever, and they are considered the most trusted recyclers in Queensland. They receive hundreds of positive reviews annually and have a 4.8 rating on Google reviews.
We helped them increase their rate of return to 150x, which they used to expand their business even further. Recently the company opened its first recycling factory and three fully-equipped state-of-the-art wrecking yards with a building cost of over $14 million.

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