How We played our part in Helping Local Aviation Academy Become Top Choice For QLD Residents And Get 30x ROI


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Queensland Aviation Academy



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Let’s meet our client Queensland Aviation Academy (QAA)

QAA is an aviation theory center located in Archerfield, Brisbane. The facility is run by a team of highly skilled and experienced pilots who train flying enthusiasts from all over Queensland. They specialize in general aviation; regional, domestic, and international airlines; and military aviation (RAAF).

The academy is well-known in aviation circles and has a good reputation. But the problem they faced was lack of new leads; no new students were signing up! QAA didn’t know what to do about it. That’s why they reached out to us.

Queensland Aviation Academy Didn’t Have And Efficient Plan In Place To Reach New Customers – We Helped Them Get Their Services To The People Who Really Need Them

After their first inquiry, we knew exactly what we needed to do. An in-depth analysis of their websites, socials, and competitors to figure out what others are doing that we still need to include and create a strategy to outperform them.
‘’It was crystal clear that QAA needed a bold, bug-free and responsive site which left no doubt in the minds of the visitor that they are the market leader in their sector.’’
– Web Developers at Pixelz360

Queensland Aviation Academy

The Problems QAA Faced?

Many issues came up when we did a quality assurance audit and competitor analysis:
  • Website was dull and plain
  • Site was not user-friendly, and navigating it was tough
  • Poor traffic
  • High bounce rate
  • Poor response time
  • Challenges in maintaining and publishing content
  • Bugs and orphan pages
  • No leads

What We Did

We understood that to make QAA’s website great; we need to take a two-pronged approach. First, we needed to get the website maintenance issues out of the way. Secondly, we must create a strategy using Google Ads to increase their reach.


Be Gone, Website Issues

We correctly configured their server to prevent the site from crashing and collapsing. This resulted in a website that is running without any issues. After that, we adjusted the website to perform well on many platforms, such as smartphones, PCs, and tablets.
The landing page’s content was optimized to ensure it ranked on top of the search engine by creating a strong keyword strategy and using SEO best practices to bring the site to the top of the search results.
Lastly, website maintenance helped improve the site’s speed, resulting in smooth navigation and a responsive website.


Hello Google Ads

We wanted QAA on the digital radar immediately, so we created a Google Ads campaign for them. Our ad specialists worked with QAA’s team to create an industry-specific keyword list and discuss the demographics they would like to target.

The Results

We built the website with search in mind. By laying the correct foundation for their website and initiating a baller SEO strategy, we were able to achieve a 97 SEO rating on SemRush.
Our keyword strategy got the website from the 21st position to the top 2nd position. Because we put forward quality content and improved the site’s structure, MetalBiz Recyclers ranks on top for most of the targeted keywords.

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