How Pixelz360 Revived The Digital Experience For Snotty Noses With Its Game-Changing Digital Solutions


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Snotty Noses



Baby Health And Sleep Products


Brand Guidance, Google ads, Improve UI


Snotty Noses is the pioneer in providing nasal solutions and respirators for baby’s sick congestion. Since its launch in 2020, the business run by mums to help other mums has gained traction.

But still, something was missing.

Most Australian parents were still unaware of the importance of nasal respirators and how they help babies with good sleep and good health.
Snotty Noses decided to consult with us regarding their digital strategy to help more parents let go of the stress of baby nasal congestion.
And we had stepped just right in time to help.

snotty noses

Here’s What Had Been Missing

As we discussed the vision and aim of Snotty Noses, we identified the areas that needed improvement.
As problem solvers in the healthcare industry, they didn’t just need to talk about their products but also address the pain points of parents by relating to their issues.
For that, they needed an expert partner to help with the technical side of the brand, such as google ads management, and improve the web UI for higher conversions.
Additionally, we decided to guide them about brand promotion, as any recently launched brand needs flawless promotion in the digital world.
And we knew we were totally up to the task.

How We Met The Challenge


The Brand Promotion Guidance

Branding is one of the most important ingredients for a brand’s success, but brand promotion is even more important to leave an impression on the buyer’s mind. A successful brand needs to drive a buyer to buy in favor of it.
We knew Snotty Noses had to focus more on loyal, long-term customers. So, here’s what we guided them to do:

  • Market brand logo and name more than the products
  • Make the mission statement popular and build brand equity
  • Increase brand perception and use better mass marketing strategies
  • Use existing loyal customers to promote their brand

Google Ads Management

Having a brand and missing out on the potential of Google Ads is not a great combination. And that’s exactly why we used this sophisticated and comprehensive ad management platform for Snotty Noses.
Our Google Ads management team created a Google Ad manager account for the brand and used the publisher tools to sell and manage Snotty’s nasal congestion products.


Improved UI

One major issue Snotty Noses had been facing was on the UI end. We knew we had to focus on the first user impressions if we wanted to bring higher conversions for the brand.
So, here’s what we did for an improved UI:

  • Increased above the fold area design
  • Encouraged user interaction using visual cues
  • Improved the website speed drastically
  • Used animations for page content changes
  • Encouraged scrolling using various navigation styles
  • Improved the information architecture
  • Used typography for our conversion goals

As we had expected, the website conversions exploded within a short span of time. With our strategies, they had started to find the right audience for their products, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Do you also want your business to create ripples in the digital world like Snotty Noses? Let Pixel360 help you through fail-proof digital solutions. Get in touch with our professional team today and learn how we can help you!