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Want help in getting your website to the top of Google’s first page? Get in touch with Pixelz SEO Gold Coast Service today to find out how we have supported Gold Coast businesses, like yours, in achieving significant growth through effective and affordable on-page Seo  and off-page search engine optimization. Give us a call to learn more about our SEO solutions.

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Who we Are?

There are over 1.75 BILLION websites online, so competition to appear in Google search results is tough. If you’re not visible, your competitors will take your place. That’s why smart businesses turn to Pixelz360. As a leading SEO company, we know how to make your most important keywords rank well and keep them there. That’s why we are the top Gold Coast SEO experts.
Let’s work together to boost your online presence and stay ahead in the digital world.

who we are

What Is SEO

In the online business world, being found by potential customers is really important. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps with this. We start by choosing the right words to attract customers. Then, we make some behind-the-scenes tweaks to your website, so search engines like it better. This won’t affect your website’s appearance. We pay attention to things like the web address, how words are used, how fast the website loads, and the titles on the web pages. We also ensure there’s no repeated content, as search engines like unique stuff. These steps help your website become more visible and perform better in online searches.
Search Engine Optimization

Benefits of SEO Gold Coast

Smart Investment

SEO is like putting your money in something that brings you more money. When your website lands in the top three spots on the first page where people mostly click, you will see a big boost in your business – it’s like getting a great return on your SEO investment.

Always-On Sales Helper

Think of your website as a super employee that never takes a day off. It works 24/7, all year round, bringing in sales, leads, and people who are interested in your business.

Staying Ahead of the Game

To do better than your competitors, you need a solid plan for SEO and to regularly check how things are going. This ensures your website remains on the first page of search results, making sure it’s seen before others.

Our Step-By-Step SEO Process



Why Choose Pixelz360 SEO Gold Coast

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

You will have one person to talk to from the beginning to the top spot.

Proven Success

Proven Success

We have achieved top Google rankings 100% of the time.

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

We are in this field for more than a decade and have gained in depth experience in a variety of sectors.

Recognized Excellence

Recognized Excellence

We have a 5-star rating and won a top SEO award in 2020.

Great Value

Great Value

You get high-quality services without paying a fortune.

Local Team

Local Team

Our team is all based in Australia, so you get quality service.

7-Day Support

7-Day Support

Your dedicated manager is here to help you seven days a week.

Expert Knowledge

Expert Knowledge

Work with someone who knows the Gold Coast business scene inside and out.

Wondering about your website’s performance? Average conversion rates are 2.35%, but the best reach 11.45%! Get your free Digital Marketing Report from Pixelz360 SEO Gold Coast.

Before we team up, we follow these steps

  • We carefully study your business and what your competition is up to.
  • Then, we do the math to figure out the best digital marketing strategies for your specific business.
  • After that, we explain all of this to you in simple terms. We will inform you about the potential cost, when you can anticipate results, and how we will proceed working together. Ready to begin with SEO Gold Coast?
before we team up we follow these steps

We Offer On-Page and Off-Page SEO Optimization Strategies

On-site SEO is like giving your website a makeover to make Google happy. We create content that Google appreciates, and people find it interesting. It’s the first step to help your website appear in search results.

we offer on page and off page seo optimization strategies

On-Page Optimization includes

  • On-Page Content
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Page Title Optimisation
  • Keyword Research
  • Internal Links

Off-Page Optimization Encompasses

Off-site SEO is everything that happens outside your website but affects how Google sees it. We make sure other websites link to yours, and your business information is accurate and consistent across the web. All of this helps your website become more visible and trusted by Google.

  • Backlinks
  • Monthly SEO Reports
  • Business Citations
  • Google Business
off site seo

Did you know? The typical visitor spends 2-3 minutes on a business website, checking out about 2.17 pages during their visit. Discover the effectiveness of your website with a free Digital Marketing Report.

We Work With Top Seo Tools

we work with top seo tools

Our Proud Client Projects

our proud client projects

Our Achievements

our achievements

We proudly wear the badge of ‘Award-Winning SEO Nerds’ at Pixelz360 Sydney. Our achievements include ‘CSS Design Awards’ in the 2023 APAC Awards, ‘FWA Awards’ in the 2021 Global Search Awards, ‘A’ Design Award and Competition’ in the SEMrush Search Awards, and we secured the 2019 CSS Winner Award as well as the 2019 Marketing Innovation Winner for the Australian Business Awards.

We are honored to be a Google Partner Specialist. When you choose us, you are opting for a trusted SEO partner with a proven track record of success.

our Awards

About SEO Gold Coast

Our Goal

At SEO Gold Coast, we aim to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed on the internet by providing excellent Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing services.

Our Goal

Our Vision

We want to see business owners turn their dreams of a successful business into reality.

Our Vision

What's Important to Us

  • Providing Great Service
  • Delivering Impressive Results
  • Ensuring Top Quality
What's Important to Us

Get in Touch with SEO Gold Coast

To request your consultation and SEO analysis, simply use our contact form, and we will get back to you shortly!

Please be aware that our SEO service is not a fit for every business. We carefully choose the clients we work with based on fair and reasonable criteria. We limit the number of clients we take on at any given time to ensure we can give 100% dedication to achieving results.

Our service is a great match for

  • Legitimate Businesses
  • Startups
  • Australian Based Businesses

However, we don't work with

  • Adult Material
  • Get Rich Quick Schemes
  • Illegal Businesses or Scams
  • Outsourcing Companies
  • Multi-Level Marketing

That’s the lowdown on our requirements.