Terms & Conditions

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The following terms and conditions bind the clients if they avail themselves of the services offered by Pixelz360.

  • Definition

    Client: Individuals or companies requesting the services of Pixelz360

    Pixelz360: Employees or affiliates.

  • General

    Pixelz360 is open to provide services to clients who are 18 or above. Confirmation from the client via email, telephone or mail is essential to work through an agreement. The order placed with the company must hold a written or verbal contract identity between Pixelz360 and the client.

  • Website Designing

    Pixelz360 ensures that every website design contains scripts and programs that are free of error. However, the company is not responsible if the website breaks down due to uncertain reasons after the submission to the clients.
    The website, including all the programming codes, will remain the property of Pixelz360 until the client clears all the outstanding payments.

    Any web application and script written by Pixelz360 shall remain the copyright of Pixelz360. Their reproduction and reselling must be conducted after receiving permission from Pixelz360.

    Any copyright violations caused by the data submitted by the client don’t come under the responsibility of Pixelz360. We have the right to refuse any material that can breach the policies concerning copyright unless we receive an authentic verification to use such content.

    Any addition to be carried out must be at the discretion of Pixelz360. No charges are attached to the addition of a brief; hence, Pixelz360 don’t take responsibility for ensuring that the additions are error-free. Pixelz360 has the right to charge any additional amount to bring any required changes, and the quotation will be notified to the clients before commencing any work

    The clients are requested to manage the availability of any material required by Pixelz360 to complete the site within the set deadline.

    Pixelz360 will not bear any costs incurred to the client for the loss of earnings due to negligence in meeting the agreed deadlines

    Pixelz360 will not be part of any dispute between the site owner and their clients.

    Pixelz360 will not be liable for any loss incurred due to the work carried out on behalf of the client or any appointed agent.

    Pixels360 will not be liable for any loss incurred due to the unavailability of any software or material provided by its agents.

    50% advance payment is required for the commencement of any project or as per individual agreement.

    Once the website has been completed, the final payment must be paid and cleared before releasing the ownership rights to the client.

  • Database, Application & E-Commerce Development

    Pixelz360 ensures that every product used is glitch-free and performs effectively. In case of discrepancies, Pixelz360 doesn’t accept any responsibility for the losses incurred using software created for the clients.

    Any web application and script written by Pixelz360 shall remain the copyright of Pixelz360. Their reproduction and reselling must be conducted after receiving permission from Pixelz360.

    Pixelz360 expects the clients to provide the information, additional software or support relevant to the server required if the sites are requested to develop on servers not recommended by Pixelz360. If the clients need the development of large applications, they must provide an adequate testing environment.

    We expect the clients to test and try the application or the programming site developed by Pixelz360 before making it live for general use. As mentioned in the brief, we take responsibility for overcoming any glitches that might arise during the testing phase to meet the high standard of our functions.

  • Compatibility

    Pixelz360 ensures the developed site functions correctly on the server it was initially installed on and all other web and mobile browsers.

  • Website Hosting

    The direct debit will be setup for monthly hosting payments. We have a right to suspend client’s website if 3 payment failures occur without any communication to Pixelz360. Reinstatement will occur a $200 exGST fee.

  • Payments of Accounts

  • Before the commencement of any work, we expect clients to pay the amount fixed as the initial deposit. All the outstanding payments shall be paid in full after the completion of the project. Money back guarantee excludes kick start payment.

    The payment must be made within 7 days of the invoice date.

    Once the deposit has been made and the project is completed, you must make full payment as per the commitment. The clients are contacted via email or telephone for reminders about their outstanding amount.

    If the accounts are not cleared within the set deadlines, Pixelz360 can deny access to the related website and remove the web pages. Nonpayment can result in strict actions by the legal departments against the client.

  • Monthly Recurring Service Payment Terms

    • You automatically agree to our terms and conditions if you sign up for up to one or more recurring monthly services.
    • Payment must be made in advance to employ the monthly recurring services.
    • The minimum initial package term is 3 months from the payment date.
    • During the initial 3 months, the packages are termed on a month-to-month basis. The client may upgrade or downgrade, considering the monthly support needs.
    • Pixelz360 will contact the client via email or telephone if the client requires a change in the WordPress Care Package or SEO package. The client’s monthly invoices will be updated accordingly.
    • The payments are required to be consistent to continue with the services.
    • Payment options include Ezidebit, direct deposit or credit card.
    • Emails and telephones are used to connect with the clients in case their payments are not received.
    • If the outstanding accounts are settled within 14 days, Pixelz360 may allow the client to access the website.
    • If you want to discontinue the recurring monthly services, a written notice shall be submitted 30 days before.
    • Nonpayment can result in a default on your Credit Score.

Cancellation of Services

  • If the client wants to discontinue the package and move to a new hosting provider, a written notice shall be submitted to Pixez360 30 days prior.
  • Pixelz360 will provide the client with the Zip file containing a full site backup.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to make sure that all the files are transferred to the new provider. Pixelz360 takes no responsibility for any discrepancies once the files have been submitted to the clients.
  • Pixelz360 will only cancel the billing upon receiving the confirmation by the clients that the website has been moved and updated.
  • Pixelz360 checks if the site has been executed correctly before terminating the client’s account.
  • Pixelz360 doesn’t keep a copy of the site.

Complaints Procedure

The following terms and conditions bind the clients if they avail themselves of the services offered by Pixelz360.

  • Informal Procedure

    Pixelz360 provides clients with an online contact form for anyone experiencing problems with their web services offered by Pixelz360. Provide us with sufficient information and outline grounds for the complaint. Pixelz360 will endeavor to resolve the matter in the least time.
  • Formal Complaint Procedure

    This method can be adopted if the client believes that the severity of the problem cannot be managed by using the informal complaint procedure or if a satisfactory outcome has not been achieved using the informal complaint procedure. A formal complaint must be made in writing to Pixelz360. A response can be expected within 7 days of the complaint. However, it can take up to 30 days for a considerate response to the complaint, along with forming subsequent remedies to bring down the issue.